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Saturday, October 18, 2014

You've been booed!

Halloween gifts for the office using Tag a Bag gift boxes

I got booed this week at work. No, it's a good thing! I came back from lunch to find a treat sack full of candy and a dancing pumpkin man on my desk. There were instructions on how to boo someone else. How fun!

I'll fess up and say I didn't get these done overnight -- I had a work dinner to go to that first evening. But look how cute these boxes are!!

Halloween gifts using From the Crypt

I'm giving myself boonus points for cute :-).

To make these, I dipped into my stash. Each box uses a mix of current and retired items. I love these little Tag a Bag gift boxes, and they are still for sale. I've used them for all kinds of small gifts -- they come in kraft, and you can dress them up however you'd like.

In this case, I intended to make both the boxes the same, but goofed the big stamp on one. No worries! I pulled out some leftovers from the Halloween printer box kit that Stampin' Up! offered a couple of years ago and dressed up the box in orange stripes and chevrons. My original design uses the retired From the Crypt stamp set and the current tag punch -- plus some retired GIANT rhinestones. Both boxes got a lovely Basic Black satin bow.

Handmade Halloween gifts

What's inside? A "vampire" dark chocolate bar, a handful of Halloween fun-size candy, and a silly joke. I can't wait to surprise someone at work with a boo of their own!

1 comment:

Jen said...

Super double boonus points! Love these, Sera!

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