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Saturday, March 1, 2014

If the envelope doesn't fit? Make one

One of my day-job team members had a new baby last week. Hurray! 

I made her one of the card-in-a-box cards that are all over Pinterest right now. It was SO cute. 

I know, you don't believe me. Here, look:

See? Cute.

Of course, my day-job team is all over the world, so I needed to actually MAIL this beauty ... and it's not a standard size. Envelope punching board to the rescue!

I used coordinating washi to seal it up (and to decorate the pennant on the front where I wrote the address).

The envelope was almost as cute as the card -- and matched PERFECTLY. Perfect for the cutest new baby ever! I threw on a couple extra stamps (Harry Potter stamps, which actually sorta coordinated with the colors somehow) and sent it on its way.

Ingredients (for the envelope)


  • Retired Razzleberry Lemonade DSP cut to 10 1/8" square


  • Envelope punch board
  • Pennant dies (for the address)
  • Washi tape (I did glue the envelope in addition to taping it)

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