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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Reasons I Love You MDS Swatchbook

Front of book
Recently we celebrated my daughter's preschool teachers' birthdays.  To help with the celebration, I had the preschoolers stamp their fingerprints inside a stencil to create an apple or a heart for their birthday cards.  Afterwards I asked the preschoolers what the teachers have taught them this year.  All of their responses were adorable and I didn't change how they said them (no corrections in grammar or incomplete thoughts).  But I was in need of a way to present the teachers with quotes from their students so I went straight to MDS (My Digital Studio).  I quickly downloaded the "Reasons I Love You" swatchbook template to get me started.  The best thing about this download is that I can use this template over and over again for other projects including a Reasons I Love You book for their grandparents.  All I had to do was change some of the wording and type the preschoolers' responses onto each page.  I also added the kids' pictures on the opposite page so the teachers could remember their 2013-2014 Pre-K Class.  It was so simple and came together so quickly.  The hardest part was printing it correctly on my printer.  Next time I will give myself more time to complete a project like this and have it printed through Stampin' Up!'s printing services.
Sample of a page from the book
Here I used one of the stamps from the swatchbook template to create the "I (heart) her."
Sample of a page from the book
Sample of the book that includes my daughter's picture on the opposite page of her quote.
Back of book

Whenever you are in need of an awesome gift but don't have a lot of time to create it, I suggest checking out Stampin' Up!'s MDS downloads and using one of the templates to make a creative and quick gift.  They have such great ideas, graphics and different options for you to choose from that you will definitely find what you are looking for.  Give MDS a try for FREE for 30 days by clicking here and click on MDS Free Trial.
Reasons I Love You swatchbook template
This is what the swatchbook page looked like before I made any changes.
This is what the swatchbook page looked like before I made any changes.

·       Tools and Accessories:
o   My Digital Studio
o   Reasons I Love You swatchbook download

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