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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Quick labels with My Digital Studio

Recently, the folks at World Label sent me a (giant!) sample of their full-sheet printable labels. I am having SO. MUCH. FUN. with these. I've been using them with the printables from my Pinterest board to make Christmas gift tags, bottle labels, and more. 

One of the things I'm liking most about these is that you can use markers or regular pens on them without any blurring or smudging -- it's just like printer paper, but it's sticky! You can punch it, run it through your Big Shot, whatever. Just remember that the white is not an exact match for Whisper White, so you can't use it directly on a White card base. Anything else is a GO.

For this project, I wanted to create custom gift labels for my neighbor's son, who was having his first birthday party.

I opened My Digital Studio, picked a background paper and an embellishment (the pennants), picked a digital stamp and colored it to match, and then added a text box with the to and from info. I copied the to and from info to a space on the sheet and printed a 2d one for a little add-on gift. Then I printed it out and used a matching Stampin' Up! marker to color in the number 1 and circle "st".

Cut, stick, done. If I hadn't spent a ton of time playing around, I would have been done in five minutes! 

How are you using My Digital Studio to make custom creations? Let us know!

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