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Friday, September 13, 2013

When Inspiration Hits

I really am not in the holiday spirit yet, but when inspiration hits, you have to roll with it.  I found these itty bitty wooden knob thingys ( I don't know what they are intended for) at my favorite thrift shop the other day.  I knew they were destined to hold a Christmas tree.  I got out all of my circle punches and all of my scrap green card stock and designer paper.
 For the ornament, I just punched a small hole in each circle and threaded the ribbon through, the knot is hiding between the glimmer paper star.  I used a hot glue gun to attach the bottom circle to the wooden knob, and stuck dots of hot glue between every couple of circles to give it a whimsical look that would stay put.

For this one, I used a craft wire to thread through the center of each circle, giving it a more sturdy center so that it would stand on its own.  I painstakingly cut dimensionals in tiny pieces to keep the whimsical shape for this tree.  My pal Gabby suggested using a pipe cleaner, and I'm thinking she is a genius.  Now I can make a whole forest of these bad boys!

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