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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My New Crafting Space

Today's post is a little different.  I don't have a card or paper crafting item to share because I've had a much larger crafting project in the works...my craft room/office space.  I've tried to reorganize and move things around at least 3 times in the past few years but always felt like the room was too small for all of my needs.  I use the first room as you walk into our house (a formal living room we never used) as my craft room/office space.  It has turned into a crafting space for me, an office, my kids' homework station, a place for the kids to chill with mom, a place to keep the fish tank (currently empty, of course) and a landing spot for many "get rid of items", "what do I do with this?" and all the kids' schoolwork/paperwork drop off area in the past year and a half.  Well, I've had enough of that and I am claiming my space back!
Panoramic Picture of Craft Room

After a day trip to IKEA and Hobby Lobby (2 1/2 hours away), I finally felt like I had all the organization tools I needed to create more of the type of craft space/office I really wanted.  I had spent time Pinteresting and searching the web for craft room ideas that fit my personality and needs.  Luckily I found two large glass door and 3-drawer Hemnes cabinets that would work for my space.  My husband was not a happy camper on Sunday as he spent HOURS putting together the cabinets.  While he was busy with this "honey do" task, I began taking out almost all of the items in the room except for the large pieces of furniture (a comfy chair, my desk, an old cabinet, a t.v. and the bookcase where I store a t.v.).  I was so thrilled when he finally finished putting the cabinets together and they were in my space!
Craft Table between 2 Cabinets
Of course, it didn't take long to fill up the cabinet drawers with all of my Stampin' Up! punches and Big Shot dies.  The shelves took a bit longer since I kept having to stack and rearrange many of the items into the cabinets.  I have A LOT of stuff!  My Ikea cabinets now hold all of my notebooks that I keep my past Stampin' Success magazines (a demo only treat), my card and crafting ideas, my organizing business ideas and a lot of my tutoring items in.  The cabinets also hold office supplies, printable labels, dividers, sheet protectors, extra notebooks and extra tutoring supplies plus all of my Stampin' Up! catalogs, extra card stock, retired ribbon I can't part with & club and class information/fliers.  I've also added some of my crafting items on the shelves.  I'm so excited that I now have room to show off some of these crafting creations since the doors are see-through glass!
Punch Drawer - Still not sure if I like the way it's organized.
Sponge Storage, Kraft Boxes and Big Shot Platforms Storage
Big Shot Dies, Framelits and Embossing Folder Storage
Inside of my mostly SU! Cabinet - Love how I can display my crafting creations!
As you can see I have placed my old desk which was a table against the t.v. bookcase.  This has created a special crafting space for me to use.  I have also used this table as a tutoring spot (close to my tutoring supplies) and as my kids' homework spot so I'm always close by to help when needed.  I plan on keeping the table clean every night so that whenever the mood strikes to craft (day or night) I don't have to worry about finding room on my desk or the kitchen table.  I have also placed my media racks on each side of the t.v. bookcase.  It makes quick access to all of my ink pads, stamps and crafting supplies.  I love how open this set up is making my room and how clean it is at the moment!  I still have a long way to go but I'm happy with the way it looks so far.
My New Crafting Space
Media Rack filled with Ink Pads, Retired but used often Stamp Sets and Misc. Stamping Tools
Simply Scored Tool hidden under Cabinet - I have to use all available storage space!
Media Rack filled with Stamp Sets
What I have left to organize and put away.  Ugh!
How do you have your craft space set up?  Is there anything that you could change around to make it feel larger or new and exciting?  Try making a small change that could make a huge impact for you and go from there.  Good luck!


Jen said...

Looks awesome, Alicia! I love your new bookcase cabinet things!!!

KellyRae said...

Great crafting space! I like how you've nestled your work table between the two glass front units and then have your media racks in between as well. I noticed your stamp pads are in media racks. How did you get them to fit? I like the neatness of that look.

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