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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pigeonholing punches

I promise to get back to actual CARDS soon, but here in my part of the bakery, I'm in full-on spring cleaning mode. After I sorted all my scrap paper, I was inspired to pull out some stamp sets that I haven't used in a while and purge some retired ink pads. That left me with space to reorganize the rest of the craft closet!

(Just a note -- you can't see my ink or clear mount sets in this picture. We'll save that joy for another day.)

What was left was a beautifully ordered work space, with only one problem: Punches. I LOVE using punches, and I have a ton. I had them stacked up on the top shelves here, in front of the stamp sets and card bases. Every time I needed something, I had to move the stacks. Sometimes, I'd knock them over and send them all flying -- which is not a good thing with punches. (Note to husband: I have no idea how that chip got knocked out of the desk. La la la.)

I figured out that the middle shelf on the right was exactly the right height for vertically filed large punches. Aha! But how to make it so that I could see them, retrieve them, but not lose a toe?

Enter the thrifty stamper. See this gorgeous and matching tray?

Yeah, it's a shipping carton. I marked it all the way around at 2.5" and then used a ruler to draw a line before cutting off the top of the box with a craft knife. Then I added some packing tape to reinforce the corners. I lined the bottom with a piece of the white card from DSP packaging, and covered the outside with strips of DSP (the main is one piece of 12x12, cut down to 2.5" strips). I then cut some coordinating 6x2.5" strips and marked 1.5" in on both ends of the top. I used those marks to cut a diagonal line with my trimmer -- from the bottom corner on each end to the 1.5" mark on the top edge -- and then used the scallop border punch to dress it up a little. Those pieces reinforce the corners, add a little flair, and cover up the part of the box that the strips didn't reach :-).

Ready for my close-up
Finally, I punched a curly label out of the contrast paper and hand-wrote a label. (I also made a matching label for the scrap box. Go me!)

Now my punches are corralled, my cabinet is welcoming and well-ordered, and I can get back to the part of my hobby I love best: Ordering more stuff Making cards!

The DSP I used here is retired: Everyday Enchantment. I'm sure you can find something in YOUR stash that would work.

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