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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Attacking scrap mountain


I'm here to make a BIG confession. At the end of play time, I have been throwing my scraps into a giant plastic folder. For six years.

I'm a pretty thrifty stamper -- I can't bear to throw away card stock that could be used later. And I REALLY love my cardstock and paper. But I am also a color-challenged stamper, and it was getting harder and harder to find anything in the folder of doom.

Last weekend, I made a discovery that changed everything. See these guys, below?

These sheets of labels include all the base Stampin Up! colors, including the retired ones. And they're FREE. I found these inside the Label This! My Digital Studio download, which is a freebie.

Here's the neat part -- you don't need MDS, or any kind of fancy software, to print these. They are in a folder inside the download, listed as samples, and all you have to do is open the file with whatever you would normally use to print a JPG. They are perfectly sized for the Decorative Label punch. I just printed them on plain printer paper, punched them out, and used SNAIL to attach them to the bag. Then I organized the filled bags into a plastic tub I stole repurposed from my teen's room.

OK, if you happen to be my husband, you should stop reading now.

**Looks up and whistles innocently **

Here's a picture of my dining room table, mid-sort. You can see the remaining pile from scrap mountain in the lower right.

 I WISH I could say this took me fifteen minutes, or even an hour. It didn't. It took me most of a Sunday afternoon. I threw away a ton of scrap that I won't use, and I learned a few things:
  • Trim off scrap edges from scallop punches before you file scraps away. They will tear up themselves and others.
  • I will never use colored scraps that are smaller than about 2x2". White and cream, maybe.
  • I can release retired colors. There is always a new color that I love and can use. 
  • Pixie Pink is an exception to the learning above.
Now that my scraps are easily findable -- they are sorted into individual clear bags, labeled, and alphabetized -- I am actually USING my scraps. I can also pull a bag that matches the project I'm on and take it with me when I go to visit Deena. My time investment up front has paid off already.

Hope this inspires you to tackle scrap mountain yourself! I'd love to know your ideas, too.


Sue said...

I have found that the leftovers around the scallop punch, or any other punches, die cuts, etc., can be used up with the Itty Bitty Punch Pack. I have an envelope of these small shapes that I grab whenever I need a little something.

seralewis said...

Oh, great idea, Sue. I just got that set and haven't really used it yet. Now I have a good reason to play with it!

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