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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Printable meal plan

My family is often running in four directions at once. When it comes to dinner, we need enough order in our chaos so that we can have the right ingredients on hand, but enough flexibility that we can adjust our plans day by day.

When I looked for a printable meal plan online, I couldn't find one that matched the needs of my family ... so I made my own, using the free trial version of My Digital Studio.

We can fill in four meals and sides and then just pick the one that works for us each night (the other nights are leftovers, which we call "fend for yourself" or restaurant nights).

I'm attaching a link to the printable PDF for you, in case this works for your family too. If not, create your own! Many thanks to Deena for giving me the steps to follow, below.

  • Tools and accessories:
    • My Digital Studio (available for purchase or as a 30-day trial)
  1. Open a new project, based on the size you want (this one is landscape 8.5 x 11).
  2. Create a background:
    1. Go to the background tab and choose a DSP pattern and make it your background, or
    2. Customize it with stamps.
  3. Make a title bar. You can you use a punch, and enlarge it to the size you want. On the right side, you can add a mat to frame it in the color you want.
  4. For the list, go into the punches, and select the rounded rectangle. Manipulate it so it’s the right size, then add a mat to frame it out. You can copy this object and paste it, and then drag it to where you want it. Don’t worry about lining them up perfectly yet. Do this for as many menu items that you want. To line them up, highlight all of them (control-click each one), then right click and choose the Align tool. Align them all left or right, it won’t matter. Then, with them all selected, do Control-G to group them. You can then move the group to where you want.
I added text and stamps to jazz things up a little. See what you come up with!

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