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Friday, December 21, 2012

Hustle and Bustle

I'm going to be honest with you, I realized 30 minutes ago that I needed to post something on this blog.  (Thank you, Deena, for texting me a picture of a cute card you made in MDS and reminding me that today is Friday!)  That's how awesomely cool MDS is!  I put my daughter on the bus, put the cartoons on for my other daughter, gave up my stamping desk/computer to my husband, and set to work with My Digital Studio on the laptop.  

I have several family members that are teachers, and every one of them supplements their income with coaching.  My sister's middle school girls basketball team had a playoff game earlier in the week, so she was my inspiration here.  MDS 2 comes with so many different brush strokes, or virtual stamp sets, that I would never in a million years purchase, but would love to use them two or three times for a specific occasion.  It really is a cool product to play with. This particular brush stroke came with the MDS 2 package and is called Athletic Department.

If you have questions, or ever want to play around with MDS, be sure to contact one of us!  The more you play with it, the more comfortable you get with creating. 

I hope you enjoy the 'hustle' and bustle these last few days before Christmas!!!

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