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Friday, September 14, 2012

4 Letter Words

I'm kind of a sarcastic person and I have a pretty warped sense of humor.  Sometimes I wish there were more stamp sets around that were a little more funny or sarcastic or maybe a little crass.  It's easy to buy one of these types of greeting cards, but it takes a little more work to create one on your own.

But not that much work....consider the four letter word.  It doesn't have to be one of those four letter words that has the letters substituted with asterisks and question marks.   Dork. Snot. Putz. Turd. Slug.  You snickered a little, didn't you?  You looked over a couple of cubicles and smiled.

With the help of the stamp-a-majig, and any alphabet stamp set, you can create a wonderfully rude card for that special someone!  Or you can be inspirational and loving with your 'live' and your 'love' and your 'grow', any of that 'crap' works.

My youngest has finally conquered the potty train, I will probably write something sweet inside and put it in her box o' memories.  Or maybe I will send it as a belated birthday card.  

  • Whisper White card base
  • Midnight Muse ink pad
  •  Stampin UP Broadsheet Alphabet
  • Stamp-a-majig


Angela said...

Love the idea! Love the post!

dragonfly60 said...

Reality cardmaking...what a great idea! Thanks for the chuckle, this is my kind of humor.

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