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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Big Shot + t-shirt = Big Fun

 Not only is it fun, cheap, and environmentally kind to craft with what may be considered garbage, it's now hip and trendy!  We have always saved old t-shirts to use as rags around the house, but now there are tons of ideas out there for 'upcycling' t-shirts.  I decided to try my hand at some t-shirt flowers to use on a t-shirt wrapped wreath.
I used my Big Shot and my Circles #2 die to cut out a ton of yellow circles.  I was able to cut through 4 layers of t-shirt at a time.  The trick to cutting this kind of fabric with the Big Shot is to be sure to put a layer of printer paper or card stock between your fabric and top plate, this gives the blades on the die a more solid surface to cut through.  

First, gather a couple of old t-shirts and cut them to about 5 by 5 to fit the #2 Circle die. Then, grab two or three circles and pinch them, roll them, fold them, into little flower buds.  I was mostly just experimenting with different folds and different sizes until I had a bunch to work with.  I started using the needle and thread to stitch them together, but then I realized I could just use a pin, that's how I was going to attach them to the wreath anyway!

 Cut your other t-shirts in long strips about 3 inches wide, then wrap them around one of those straw wreath forms.  I just tucked the fabric under itself and it stayed together fine.
 Pin your flowers close together in one area of the wreath and you've got something to put on your door until someone actually climbs up to the attic to get down the Valentine's stuff!

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